Love Bow hondenband- Oorwarmer - Croci - 17,5X10CM - By Salu
Love Bow dog collar - Ear warmer - Croci - 17.5X10CM

Love Bow dog collar - Ear warmer - Croci - 17.5X10CM

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The Croci Love Bow dog collar - ear warmer - is a trendy accessory for medium-sized dogs.

Made of soft, durable elastic fabric and decorated with a fashionable bow. 
Besides being a trendy fashion item, the Love Bow dog collar also has a practical purpose. It can be used as an earmuff for your dog. During colder days, the band provides extra warmth to your dog's ears, keeping them comfortable during walks in the fresh air.
Whether you want to let your dog shine during a special occasion or simply enjoy a daily dose of style, the Love Bow Dog Headband is the perfect choice. It adds personality to your pet and shows that you have an eye for fashion, even when it comes to dog accessories.
Choose the Love Bow dog collar and give your dog the love and attention he deserves. Order today and see how your dog shines with this fashionable headband!
  • The Love Bow Dog Collar is made of soft and durable elastic fabric.
  • Comfortable and safe for your dog. 
  • The material adapts perfectly to the shape of your dog's head, so it does not pinch or irritate when worn
Gemaakt in: Italië 
Formaat: 17,5X10 CM  
Gewicht: 4,54 g (0,16 oz) 

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