Lila Loves It Borstel lang haar - By Salu - honden accessoires
Lila Loves It Borstel lang haar - By Salu - hondenaccessoires

Lila Loves It Brush long hair

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Skin & coat care 

Grooming a coat requires regular brushing and combing. Brushing removes both dull hair and dirt, and protects longer coats from tangles and knots. During this process the skin is gently massaged. Our brushes, made of oiled beech wood, fit perfectly in the hand and are held securely by a flexible strap on the back.

This brush for long hair is distinguished by the metal bristles that are firmly attached, so they do not easily slip back into the cushion or fall out. Manufactured in a brush factory in the Black Forest.


  • Stylish coat care - Effectively removes dull hair and dirt. 

  • Designed for Long Coats - Perfect for pets with long fur. 

  • High quality - Made to last. 

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